Höhne Erna, Elsbeth, Emma, Emilie, ép. Knörk

artiste peintre



Avec Gerhardt Knörk

Habitaient München.

Avaient une maison à Diano Marina en Italie.


Avec Gerhardt Knörk


A fini sa vie entre Münich et Diano Marina.

"The artist, Mrs. Erna Knoerk, was born in Berlin in the year 1900. After her husbands retirement in 1960 the couple lived in Italy on the Riviera del Fiori in Diano Marina. There she became acquainted with many well-known Italian and French artists and art patrons such as Peggy Guggenheim. The beauty of the landscape with its olive groves and picturesque mountain villages, she felt, was destined to be captured on canvas. Using colors and brush strokes appropriate to the subject she endeavored to create the vision she had in her mind. To learn the handicraft from its masters however she spend much of her time with artists in Arles, Southern France and studied their technique and art. She died January 30, 1989 at nearly ninety years old, in Munich and left her pictures with her son and his grandchildren who still enjoy the beauty of her artwork." (http://www.espectro.com/application/contact.cfm?galleryID=106681582&artistID=0)


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